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Welcome to the home of the 6969 Alliance!


Hey again,

I've made a youtube page for our alliance to upload attacks, tutorials and just random stuff for the forums. If your interested in working on videos then mail me in game or find me on the site and write on my wall.  



Click here to visit our YouTube page:

Like us on Facebook!

Hey there,

We've recently added a Facebook page for our users to stay in touch over a major social network! It is not mandatory

but if you want to show more 6969 alliance pride then go ahead and like it! Also don't forget to check out our

members section which is very similar to facebook.



Click here to visit our Facebook page:

Are you a 6969?

Are you interested in joining our alliance? Check out our questionnaire over in the contact us section! We are only looking for experienced players! If you are not yet experienced you could fill out the junior application to get into one of our alt alliances! or you could follow our specific tutorial guide in our forums section written mostly by our own members! Then have a try at our senior application.

Thanks for visiting!

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch - YouTube